Measuring and Dosing

Measuring and Dosing

Needle metering valves

Needle metering valves are suitable for spot application of low and high viscosity media. With this series, you can dispense very small amounts of material – down to 3 ml per shot, with high repeatability and short cycle times. The valve consists of two separate parts, which means that material cannot leak into the drive cylinder and interfere with the movement of the valve needle. This feature makes the metering needle valve extremely reliable and maintenance free. The size of the shot is determined by the volume of the valve chamber, which can be adjusted within a certain range by a screw. The dosing cycle can be controlled pneumatically or electrically by means of a solenoid valve. DOPAG needle metering valves are perfect for manual application as well as for fully automated processes.

Chamber metering valves

Chamber metering valves are used for spot application of low and high viscosity media. Compared to the needle metering valve, they offer a greater range of shot sizes. Thanks to the innovative design, which has a suction effect, these valves are characterized by high process stability and no material dripping when dispensing low-viscosity media. The size of the shot is determined by the volume of the chamber, which can be adjusted within a fixed range by means of a screw. The dosing cycle is controlled pneumatically or electrically by means of a solenoid valve. This series of valves enables highly reproducible dispensing of small volumes up to 100ml in a short cycle time. Manual application and integration into a fully automated process are possible with this valve.

Spray guns

In cases where manual lubrication and surface lubrication is required, DOPAG offers a spray gun. The spray gun can process unfilled oils in the viscosity range up to approx. 100,000 mPas as well as NLGI 0-3 consistency grade greases. A variety of nozzle sizes, air caps and extensions provide a high degree of flexibility, allowing the user to reliably apply material even to hard-to-reach areas. The gun is very easy and quick to use thanks to its user-friendly design.

Spray valves

The spray valve is a special type of valve designed for application on the entire surface of greases and oils. Suitable for both intermittent and continuous material applications. The unique feature of this valve is the integration of a diaphragm which is used to regulate the air blow time after each shot of material – it is used to clean the nozzle. The short air paths in the valve body and the flange mounted 5/2-way valve enable very fast and accurate intermittent operation. The wide range of extensions and attachments available opens up the possibility of spraying in hard-to-reach places, and the different air caps allow you to customize the spray pattern.

Blast valves

Blast valves are extremely fast switching valves designed for remote application of grease and oil in automated processes. They are able to apply very small amounts of material at speeds up to 200 cycles per second. This is made possible by an integrated 5/2-way solenoid valve (also used for control) along with short paths throughout the air supply system. The valves are available with both short and long nozzles, allowing for application at different angles. Depending on the size of the nozzle, media with different viscosities can be easily processed.

High speed valves

The high speed valve is used in non-contact (remote) grease and oil applications where string pulling is to be avoided. The compact design of the valve enables easy and effective lubrication of narrow and hard-to-reach places. The point application features a perfectly cut material after each shot. With short cycle times, this valve is ideal for integration into high-performance processes. Using an innovative self-cleaning effect nozzle and integrated filter, the high-speed valve ensures a perfectly clean application every time. The integrated heating element keeps the material properties in the optimum range, ensuring high process stability and repeatability.

Flow diaphragm valve

The advantage of flow diaphragm valves is their ability to process materials with difficult properties. The valves are designed to effortlessly dispense low or high viscosity fluids and abrasive or chemically reactive 1K fluids. Part of their design is an integrated diaphragm that separates the pneumatic and dispensing parts of the valve. Thanks to the suction mechanism, the material does not drip after the shot is finished. The size of the material discharge is regulated by the stroke adjustment. In this valve there is also the possibility of flushing the material channel and the valve itself is extremely easy to maintain.

Flow needle valve

Flow needle valves are used for the continuous application of low to high viscosity media. They consist of two separate parts that prevent material from entering the drive cylinder and interfering with the movement of the valve needle. The valve has the ability to control the flow rate of the material by changing the size of the outlet orifice controlled by the position of the needle. A special adjustable seal closes the valve needle from the valve head, ensuring a perfectly clean and precise application with every single shot. In this valve, there is also the possibility of flushing the material channel.

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