1K Measuring Systems

1K Measuring Systems


Coredis is used to process special low density 1K epoxies filled with hollow microspheres. The unique challenge in this case is that we are dealing with a reactive medium that remains in the material-contacting systems after processing and can undergo a curing reaction. To prevent this, Coredis has a specially developed structure. The material is fed directly from the hopper and the dosing is done by a gear pump mounted on a heated follower plate. The material is guided through a connected heater hose to a dispensing nozzle that continuously fills the core.


Eldodis is used to process one-component medium to high viscosity materials. Material is fed through a feed pump, material pressure tank or cartridge pick-up device. Material pressure regulator provides constant input pressure. A shut-off valve can optionally be installed in front of it to provide additional protection for the gear metering pump. The latter, driven by a motoreducer, transports the material to the dispensing valve, where the material is continuously discharged through the nozzle or cannula.


Rotordis is an innovative cavity pump system designed to convey and dispense one-component materials. Suitable for water-thinned to pasty, highly viscous media. The medium can be fed from pressure tanks or drum pumps, depending on the viscosity. It is generally applied directly from the dispensing system to the component. Combined with the DC motor drive, this enables both dynamic dosing and a controlled backsuction effect. Hose connection and injection valve can also be used for limited ambient conditions.


The vectodis dosing system is suitable for processing one-component media. The material is taken from the original container by a feed pump and fed into a servo-motorized piston feeder. The material pressure regulator maintains a constant input pressure in the piston dispenser. The material is discharged through a dispensing valve located at the outlet of the piston dispenser. The dosing control unit enables communication between the individual components of the system and coordinates the various functions of the dosing elements. It can be conveniently operated via the touch panel. All relevant process data is displayed here.

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