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We offer you Bosch Rexroth products. The design and construction of structures made of aluminium profiles from a recognized manufacturer guarantees high quality and safety of use. The offer includes components of the assembly system. It is over 120 cross-sections of aluminium profiles, fasteners and other accessories. All available products are characterized by high durability. Constructions made of Bosch Rexroth aluminium profiles enable quick expansion and reconstruction of assembly stations, flow racks, various types of covers or special structures. Their use allows to create a stable and solid structure.

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As a distributor of Bosch Rexroth, we also offer manual production systems, transport systems and line systems. We provide a wide range of modern solutions. The offered workstations and components of the assembly system, as well as transport systems, are mainly based on aluminium profiles, which guarantees their durability and trouble-free operation.

Assembly technology

  • over 120 different profile cross-sections
  • fasteners and accessories tailored to individual needs
  • easy and safe installation
  • guaranteed strength parameters of profiles and accessories
  • quality confirmed by the Bosch Rexroth quality certificate
  • execution in ESD standard
  • well-thought-out connection technology
  • resistance to corrosion
  • MTpro engineering software for quick and easy design
  • compatibility with other Bosch Rexroth product groups
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Manual production systems

  • stations built in accordance with the lean manufacturing principle
  • ergonomic workstations
  • stations with electrically adjustable working height
  • material carts and storage racks
  • roller conveyors
  • material conveyors and crate lifters
  • accessories, e.g. lamps, chairs, containers, cabinets, footstools, information boards; also available in ESD version
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Transport systems

  • inter-station transport speeds up the production process
  • transport of components in the TS pallet or Vario Flow Plus chain system
  • maximum weight of details up to 400 kg
  • the system is fully compatible with the assembly technology
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Linear technology

  • line guides
  • line modules
  • screw-rolling mechanisms
  • drive units
  • guides with rolling sleeves
  • multi-axis systems
  • electromechanical actuators
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MTpro engineering software

Dedicated software supporting the work of the constructor, containing a database of models, catalogues and assembly instructions.

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