Social responsibility

We approach corporate social responsibility with the same commitment as we do everyday production. We deeply believe that by supporting local initiatives and contributing to changes in our environment, we change and improve ourselves.

That is why we are happy to support both projects initiated by our employees and those that are close to them.


In order to maintain competitiveness in the era of increasing energy costs and taking care to reduce the impact on the environment, we decided to invest in a renewable energy source in the form of a photovoltaic installation. The roof area of our building, which has not been used so far, allowed us to install a 50kWp installation in March 2022. It produces energy at the time of its greatest demand. The installed modern solution allows us to have an insight into the level of current energy production. In the future, we hope to expand the existing installation and cover all electricity consumption from our own production.

Eco-friendly packaging

We want everyone to care for the environment to the best of their ability. After all, it’s in all of our interests. We pack our products ecologically, reusing packaging.

Support of our organisation

We support local communities and interesting initiatives.


We are as much involved in helping as in everyday production

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