Controllers and software

Controllers and software

PRC 75 controller

The highly compact and multifunctional SCHMIDT® Technology PRC 75 press controller is used in pneumatic, hydropneumatic and electric presses. Its easy and intuitive touch screen allows to parameterize and switch processes quickly and efficiently.


  • possibility to program up to 24 processes
  • CANopen communication protocol
  • 2.8″ touchscreen display
  • the ability to communicate with external devices
  • simple and intuitive interface
  • IP 54 protection class
  • compact housing

PRC 700 controller

SCHMIDT® PressControl 700 is a controller dedicated to semi-automatic workstations with the ability to measure force and distance. The PRC 700 communicates with the system modules via the efficient and fast EtherCAT bus. This solution enables the transfer of a large amount of process data. At the same time, the visualization on the display takes place in real time.


  • 10.1″ Full HD touch screen
  • Linux operating system
  • USB, Ethernet, EtherCAT-P connectors
  • data transmission speed of 100 Mbit/s
  • communication with the MES system using the Ethernet protocol
  • configuration and parameterization of the process using the “drag&drop” function
  • comprehensive process visualization
  • current system states are displayed in both text and graphical form, thus enabling a clear overview of the process for quick analysis and troubleshooting
  • IP 54 protection class

PRC 7000 RTPRC 7000 RT controller

SCHMIDT ® PressControl 7000 RT is primarily dedicated controller for automated workstations. It can also be used for semi-automatic stations. The combination of the PRC 7000 RT controller with the 700/7000 HMI display enables full configuration of the station and visualization of the process. The EtherCAT bus allows for fast transmission of large amounts of data.


  • Linux operating system
  • USB, Ethernet, EtherCAT connectors
  • 100MBit/s data transmission speed
  • integrated PLC
  • communication with the MES system using the Ethernet protocol
  • optional touchscreen 7000 HMI 21.5″ Full HD, 700 HMI 10.1″ Full HD
  • IP 20 protection class


  • PRC Suite – consists of: PRC HMI, PRC PRJ, PRC Studio. The package is used to configure and supervise the operation of the machine
  • Data Base – software used to store and analyse process data
  • MovTol – software used to analyse detail dimensional differences in relation to tolerance windows set in the process
  • FileExchange – software used to convert process data
  • OPC – software that allows you to connect many devices in the production space to visualize the process
  • Process Data Management – data management software

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